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Navigator 360 Project


Funded in October 2009, P2P's Navigator Team Project became a Project of National Significance, Family Support 360 Program. This grant is administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities.


Our project is based on two assumptions:


star4bullet Families can build their capacity and


star4bullet Collaboration among services brings about the best results


In Year 1 of the grant, Parent to Parent of Georgia trained our 360 Navigators, who served families using an individualized family plan. The families participated in a PATH, a person-centered planning tool, to identify their current dreams, hopes and challenges. The process involves an "eight step conversation" that enables the family to choose their own pathway to success. This type of planning puts the emphasis on the goals the family deems important, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. Arising from the PATH, the 360 Navigator Team and the family worked together to create a community project that would address the needs of the family and also benefit their community. We are very pleased to have had a 100% retention rate in our 360 Navigator teams for Year 2, and then went on to double that number! Our 360 Navigator teams for Year 2 have already received extensive training and are working to serve even more families this year.



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