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GNETS Media Coverage

star4bullet Will Trump’s Justice Department Pay Attention to Disability Rights? | Mother Jones - 10/13/17

star4bullet GA Psychoeducational Schools an Unconstitutional 'Dumping Ground', new suit claims | AJC - 10/11/17

star4bullet Parents, Advocates sue state, claim inequities in GNETS schools | Georgia Health News - 10/11/17

star4bullet With Federal Suit Stalled, GA Advocates File Special Education Complaint | Ed Week - 10/11/17


star4bullet Feds will sue Georgia over segregated psychoeducational schools | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 8/17/16

star4bullet Feds will sue Georgia over "psychoeducational" schools | Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/17/16


star4bullet Georgia Illegally Segregates Disabled Students, Federal Inquiry Finds | Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/15/15

star4bullet Federal Report on Special Ed System Alarming | Ledger-Enquirer/Alabama - 7/30/15

star4bullet Georgia Is Illegally Segregating Students With Behavioral Problems. There's a Better Way. | Mother Jones - 7/30/15

star4bullet Georgia illegally segregating students with disabilities in inferior buildings with inadequate instruction. | Washington Post - 7/29/15

star4bullet Georgia Illegally Segregates Children With Disabilites, DOJ Finds | Atlanta Public Radio - 7/16/15

star4bullet Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Schools Used During Jim Crow | Pro Publica - 7/29/15

star4bullet Report: State Program Segregates Behavior Disabled Students | Online Athens - 7/20/15

star4bullet State behavioral program serving Gainesville, Hall students under federal scrutiny | Gainesville Times - 7/18/15

star4bullet Georgia is illegally segregating special ed students, federal investigation says | Fusion - 7/16/15

star4bullet Georgia illegally segregates disabled students, federal inquiry finds | AJC - 7/15/15

star4bullet Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Schools Used During Jim Crow | WABE - 7/30/15

star4bullet Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Schools Used During Jim Crow | Propublica - 7/29/15

star4bullet Georgia offers no plan to fix schools' behavioral and emotional disabilities program | The Augusta Chronicle - 8/9/15

star4bullet U.S. probe into Georgia special ed program could have national impact | The Washington Post - 8/5/15

star4bullet Isolating Kids | Georgia Public Broadcasting - 8/4/15

star4bullet Why are students with disabilities segregated in Georgia? | MSNBC - 8/1/15

star4bullet Part one of a three-part series: Schools send disproportionate number of black children to programs already under fire for "warehousing" students with behavioral disorders. - AJC - 4/28/16

star4bullet Part two of a three-part series: Educators wanted to subject Libby Beem to behavioral experimentation in Georgia’s unique system of psychoeducational schools. A courtroom showdown would determine Libby’s fate. - AJC - 5/5/16

star4bullet Part three of a three-part series: With a tiny sliver of students, special behavioral programs record five times more restraints than all other Georgia schools combined. - AJC - 5/7/16

star4bullet The Separate, Unequal Education of Students with Special Needs - The Atlantic - 3/21/2017










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