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Archived P2P Webinars

P2P Webinars are archived so that you can watch them anytime. The following topics are available simply by registering!


504 Plans

- From Understanding to Application: Real-Life 504 Plans


- ADA Basics

- Reasonable Accommodations and Youth Transitions to Employment


Community Living Options

- Centers for Independent Living

- Empowering and Educating with Independent Living


Coping with Stress

- Staying in Your Target Heart Rate ... Stress Management for Parents

- Taking Care of Me, Just Me?



- Student Code of Conduct: What you don't know can hurt your child!

- Suspensions, Manifestation Hearings, Tribunals: What's the big deal?

- Alternative Education Settings


Dispute Resolution

- Is Due Process Right for You?

- Creating a Due Process Hearing Request

- Pre-Hearing Procedure and the Trial


Emergency Preparedness

- Fire Safety and Children with Special Needs

- When an Emergency Occurs . . .

- Keeping Your Family Safe in a Disaster



- Establishing a Medical Home

- HIPAA: Understanding the Information Blackout

- Learn what EPSDT Means for your Child

- Appealing a Katie Beckett Denial

- Katie Beckett Medicaid Deeming Waiver: A Step by Step Guide on the Application Process

- Social Security Benefits for Individuals w/Disabilities

- The NOW/COMP Waiver Programs


Learning Disabilities

- Don't Pluck my Feathers, Please! I Think my Wings are Sprouting

- Why is Writing so Hard for my Child?

- Help! My Child is Struggling with Reading

- Executive Function and What it Means for your Child?

- Sensory Processing Disorders


Legislative Advocacy

- Understanding the Legislative Process

- Telling Your Story Effectively to State Legislators

- Tips for Speaking to Policymakers



- Surviving Dietary Changes in the Home


Parent Engagement

- Learning Your Child's School System

- Toss or File? What to Do with all this Paperwork?

- Tips for Writing Letters and Emails

- Helping your child develop good study habits?

Parent Engagement (continued)

- Paving the Way for High School Diplomas 

- Helping Your Child Get a Regular Diploma

- What does Elementary School have to do with High School Graduation

- Keeping Your Middle School Student on a Path to Graduation

- Involving your child in the IEP process

- I’m a Dad and I’m Involved

- Bringing the Fun Back into the Home 

Parenting Tips

- Too much Therapy or Not Enough?

- Talking with your child about his/her disability

- Establishing Rules at Home

- Surviving Your Child's Insomnia


Recreation and Leisure

-  Help Your Young Adult Engage in the Community

- Choosing the right Service Dog for your needs



- Sexuality and Disabilities: Growing up is Natural

- Dating and Developmental Disabilities



- Handling Jealousy and Resentment Issues

- Healthy Families: Siblings & Children with Disabilities


Social and Emotional

- Positive Behavior Supports at Home

- Positive Behavior Intervention Supports in School

- Monitoring your Child's Behavior Intervention Plan

- The FBA/BIP Process: Teamwork for Student Success

- The Younger Years & Beyond: Childhood Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health


Tax and Financial Information for Special Needs Planning

- Financial Planning for Your Child with Special Needs

- Special Needs Trust and other Special Needs Planning Options

- Guardianship of Adults with Disabilities

- Planning for a Continuum of Care


Transition to Adulthood

- Voc Rehab 101: Transition from School-to-Work

-  IEP Health Goals and Transition to Adulthood?

- Medicaid and SSI: What Happens at 18?

- Thinking Outside the Box for Employment/Career

- Transition To Adulthood (Education)

- Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency's E3 Project


Transition to Adulthood (Youth Presenters)

- Thinking About College? VR Can Help

- Transitioning from High School to College

- Independent & Community Living

- Supported Employment

- Ready for Fun after High School?

- Managing my Healthcare

- My Path to Higher Education



- Voter Registration

- Voting Accommodations and the Candidates

- Voting: Steps to Getting your Voice Heard

- Problems At The Polls

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